Complete profiles

Get a complete overview of your customers with contact information, photos, order history, customer status, email history and much more.

Account Notes

Add notes about your customers directly in their profile in CRM.

MailChimp integration

Synchronize customers with your Mailchimp account.

Constant Contact Integration

Synchronize customers with your Constant Contact account.

Extend subscriptions / memberships

Erneuere Deine Kundenabonnements und Mitgliedschaften manuell auf Knopfdruck oder versende Massen-E-Mails mit spezifischen Verlängerungsdetails.

Secure management of customer data

Manage balances and profiles with a secure connection to your payment gateway for recurring payments.

Manage account balance

Manage and use customer credit in the integrated CRM and at the box office.

Merge accounts

Merge redundant account profiles into one to reduce duplicate data.

Duplicate check

Entwickelt, um doppelte Kundenkonten zu begrenzen und das einfache Bearbeiten, Zusammenführen und Verknüpfen von Konten zu ermöglichen.

Link profiles

Link related profiles with others, e.g. Manage family relationships.

Egocentric touch integration

Greife mit unserer mobilen Plattform egoTouch auf CRM-Informationen zu.

Integrated task management

Assign your employees special tasks and customers.

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