Subscriptions and Memberships

Season tickets

Season tickets with the possibility for customers to choose their own seats. Additional events can easily be added later.

Theater subscription

Ticket packages configurable by the ticket office in which the seat allocation is managed in-house. You have full control over the seat allocation.

Flex pass

Sell ticket packages at discounted terms and put them together individually according to date, price or event.

Pick A Show

Automatically make discounts available when customers attend multiple events. Let your customers put together packages according to their interests and reward them for it.


Sell renewable memberships with ongoing benefits.

Recurring memberships

Renew memberships regularly and make payments automatically at fixed intervals.

Membership options

Make members benefits available immediately after signing up.

Automatic renewal

Automatic customer notifications to renew memberships.

Easy upgrades

Automatic upgrade functionalities for different types of subscriptions and memberships.

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Merchandising products

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