Donation plugin

Collect donations directly online using our integrated donation plugin.


Offer bundles of ticket + donation.

Donation campaigns

Manage and implement multiple campaigns at the same time.


Automatically create shop vouchers for generous donors.

Donate with ticket checkout

Integrate donations directly into the ticket sales of your events.

Pop-up donations

Increase the visibility of your donation campaign by making the donation popup your buyer aware of the possibility to donate while buying event tickets.

Automatic thank you letter

Configure thank you letters for each campaign specifically with placeholders that are automatically sent after each donation.

Donation receipt

Automatic dispatch of the donation receipt according to your specifications.

CRM integration

Have the donor status and the donor level displayed in the customer’s CRM view.

Event-specific campaigns

Difference between global and event-specific campaigns and offer pre-configured donation amounts.

Donation communication

Post donor-approved comments, names and amounts for transparent public relations.

Donate level

Customers can reach donation levels according to predetermined criteria and be awarded among them.

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