Event report

Gives you a comprehensive report on your ticket sales divided by sales channel and ticket types. Includes donations, goods, discounts and everything that has to do with an event.

Custom reporting

Delve deeper into your event dates by creating a report based on your specific needs.


Offers a real-time guest list or a will-call list for your event. Includes e-tickets, products and reservation data.


Gives you information about quotas and reserved places.

Subscriber report

Breakdown of subscribers by date range.

Customer report

nge.Get detailed information about your customers, subscribers and donors with different View filter options to get a detailed customer profil

Cash reports

Lists transactions by cashier and date.

Payment matching

Ein Bericht, der Dir bei der Abstimmung mit Deinem Online-Zahlungsgateway helfen wird.

Transaction report

The transaction detail report lists all transactions by date range. The view can take place according to orders or according to individual articles.

Donation report

Compares various fundraisers every month.

Accounting report

Serves to post sales and reports to which accounts postings and payments have been posted.

And many more!

Is there another report you are missing? We also have a report for that.

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