Your live stream events.

Independent of location and accessible for everyone.

Events from the couch? Sure!

Stream your online event or your recorded event in our egocentric Systems Live Stream Plugin directly into the living room of your guests. Sell tickets for your live stream events and discover a new business model for your cultural enterprise!

With our latest technology, you can easily monetize video content for your visitors anywhere in the world. Whether it’s the live stream of a theater, playhouse, comedy club, opera or conference, now you can offer your customers virtual events. With the help of live stream events, companies can generate additional income innovatively, securely and immediately.

From now on you can expand your digital strategy through virtual events or an additional online access to your events. So you can include it as an integral part of your event program. Hence, online events can become an important investment in the future reality of event promotion. Explore these new ways to continually offer streaming content as parallel and complementary experiences.

Donation Plug-in

Do good things quickly and with just a few clicks

Chat Function

Network and comment directly
in the livestream

Media Library

Stream content from the media library
with unlimited tickets


Sell tickets to access your video live stream.

Livestream Einstellungen

Setup your tickets with a special
video streaming setting, and paste
your video url.

Livestream Ticket

Customers get an e-ticket or mobile
ticket with an access code and link
to your page with video.

Your page with the embedded
egocentric Systems Stream plugin starts
a video access screen for access.


Integrate the streaming service of your choice individually; no matter if Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, or others

From small theaters to large events; with our partners we have the right solution for you

The video access code can only be used once at the same time; that means the code cannot be copied and you have no risk of losing revenue

Completely white label; offer your streaming service completely integrated into your environment without media break

Create additional opportunities to monetize recorded events and other video material

Reach new customers and target groups worldwide


Theaters, opera houses, cabarets, playhouses: Sell unlimited seats for your livestream shows

Improvisation theater, artists: Reach more viewers with online events and have your performance monetized

Conferences: Stream your presentations and create virtual conferences, sell more tickets and take advantage of unlimited possibilities

Education, universities, workshops: offer online workshops and paid training; Reach interested participants worldwide and generate additional income

Livestream Tickets

The right solution for everyone

We have the right solution for everyone, whether small demands and events with a camera, high ambitions or video professionals, we offer you the right solution and the perfect partner. Use our individual packages and get advice:

  • Ticket system
  • - WebshopPlugin
  • - Individual designs
  • - Software setup
  • Technology package
  • - Onboarding & workshop
  • Platform Streamworld®
  • - Multiple stream channels
  • - Chat function
  • - Voting function
  • - Media library
Log in, set up, start streaming. The package for streaming professionals who want to serve their channel even more professionally.
  • Incl. Onboarding

from 1,-

The package for starters and semi-professionals with additional support, some technology and a tailwind to start with.
  • incl. 1,000 tickets
  • incl. techLITE


The all-round carefree package with full support, set-up help and suitable technology for large events.
  • incl. 10,000 tickets
  • incl. techLITE

Individual offer

The technology package for a smooth start to your everyday livestream. Streaming has never been easier.
  • HD video camera
  • notebook i7 16GB RAM
  • Streaming software
  • Broadcast Panel
  • Technical instruction


Technology upgrade for even more professionalism. Put yourself in the spotlight with our professional equipment.
  • 3 HD video cameras
  • notebook i7 16GB RAM
  • Preview monitor
  • Streaming software
  • Broadcast Panel
  • Technical instruction
  • Micro Converter
  • "Cutting rules" course


All prices in EURO plus VAT // * plus transaction costs per ticket sale from 1001 tickets

streamUP streamPLUS streamPRO
Preis ab1,- ab3.590,-* Individual offer
Ticket system incl. Onboarding incl. 1,000 tickets incl. 10,000 tickets
- WebshopPlugin
- Individual designs
- Software setup
Technology package incl. techLITE incl. techLITE
- Onboarding & workshop
Platform Streamworld®
- Multiple stream channels
- Chat function
- Voting function
- Media library

All prices in EURO plus VAT // * plus transaction costs per ticket sale from 1001 tickets

Das Technikpaket für einen smoothen Start in Deinen Livestream-Alltag. Einfacher war streamen nie.
  • 1 HD Videokamera
  • 1 Notebook i7 16GB RAM
  • Streaming-Software
  • Broadcast Panel
  • Technische Einweisung

ab 2.990,-

Technik-Upgrade für noch mehr Professionalität. Setze Dich mit unserem Profiequipment ins Rampenlicht.
  • 3 HD Videokamera
  • Notebook i7 16GB RAM
  • Vorschaumonitor
  • Streaming-Software
  • Broadcast Panel
  • Technische Einweisung
  • Micro Converter
  • Kurs „Schnittregeln“

ab 6.990,-

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