Email lists

Create email lists based on event attendees or other custom information.


MailChimp API for integration and synchronization with your email lists.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact API for integration and synchronization with your email lists.

Social sharing

Customers can share events and ticket purchases on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social share discount

Encourage your customers to share your events by rewarding them with an instant discount when they pay if they share the event.

Custom share URL

Define your own social sharing URL.

Reminder emails / SMS

Send up to two automated emails or SMS messages 0 to 24 hours before the start of an event with event-specific information.

Thanks for your visit

Automatically send an email or SMS with customized messages to the visitors of your event 0 to 72 hours after the end of an event.

Integrate videos

Easily integrate YouTube or videos from other video services.

Integrate audio

Add an audio player from SoundCloud or other audio services to the event page.

Discount codes

A wide range of discount code options for all events, subscriptions and products.

Group codes

Offer special codes for groups to make limited tickets bookable or to unlock ticket sales before the official start.

Reward program

Fully integrated rewards program that can be used to collect and redeem points based on sales, number of tickets purchased, or the number of events attended.

Advertise events

Integrate advertising on event pages, tickets and order confirmations.

Sell on Facebook

Sell event tickets, registrations, registration for workshops, trade fair accreditations and donations directly via your Facebook page.

Promo messages

Send information, create newsletters, or display images on an event page to promote something or share information about other events.

Checkout message

Show written message and information on the shopping cart page for your buyers during the payment process.

Event cross promotion

Offer your customers tickets to another event during the sales process of one event.

Event cross-selling

Zeige Deinen Kunden eine Reihe definierter Veranstaltungen an, die Du bewerben oder verkaufen möchten.

Tracking codes

Add scripts and code from any tracking services such as Google or Facebook to measure the success of your sales and advertising campaigns in full.

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