Assigned seating and general admission

Sell tickets with free choice of seats and assigned seats, book ticket discounts and group prices.

Book time tickets for guided tours and museums

Define entry times for events with limited resources to sell timed events.

Seating plan and table seating

Scalable and custom seating plans for theater, stadium, hall and table seating.

Multi-day tickets

General admission tickets for multi-day events that can be configured for all or selected event days.

Reserved seats

Reserve and release tickets.

Group packages

Offer multiple, multi-event tickets in a single group package.

Exclusive sale

Allow customers to unlock and purchase exclusive tickets.

Sales phases

Offer discount incentives for pre-purchases with specific start and end dates.


Sell tickets directly from your website or Facebook page with our innovative integrated white label technology.

Responsive Design

Within your responsive website, our shop plugin adapts to any mobile device and any screen size.

Price control

Differentiate your prices per sales channel and set e.g. other prices at the box office.

Down payments

Accept partial payments online or at the box office with the option of paying the balance at a later date.


Hold back tickets for later online or box office sale.

High-performance seating plans

Seat activities are displayed in real time when seats in the seat overview are no longer available or are available again.

Integrated registration forms

Create and design custom forms to collect user information for courses, workshops, and registrations.

Price templates

Quickly create or expand your events using pre-made pricing templates.

Auto scheduler

Automatically create new events on a set schedule.

Thermo tickets

A box office printing solution for fast ticket issuance on printers like Boca.

Print at home

Letter-sized paper tickets in standard, foldable, or customizable sizes.

Mobile tickets

Receive event tickets on your mobile device via SMS or email.

Laser tickets

Inexpensive alternative to thermal printing in a checkout environment.

Tickets in receipt format via receipt printer

Save paper and print tickets quickly and easily with a receipt printer.

additional revenue

Generate additional revenue by selling add-ons, such as Parking, programs, drinks and much more

Early bird ticketing

Grant special discounts for early bookers.

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Merchandising products

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