Successfully integrate a new event ticketing system

Successfully integrate a new event ticketing system 1008 756 egocentric Systems GmbH

In this article, you will learn the most important points that you should bear in mind to ensure that your ticketing system change runs smoothly.

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Why a new ticketing system?

In the world of events, the ticketing system is the centerpiece of business success. An efficient system not only boosts sales but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction. It provides more customer data, broadens customer reach, and improves marketing tracking.

A modern ticketing system offers new opportunities for customer interaction and event dynamics, far beyond simple ticket sales. While adopting new software may seem daunting, switching to a modern, more powerful system is a worthwhile investment. With the right provider, the transition will be seamless and uncomplicated.

Benefits and integration of a new ticketing system

The Strategic Choice: White Label Solutions

White label software enables promoters, venue owners, and other event organizers to offer ticketing services under their own brand without developing the technology themselves.

This flexibility allows for deep customization and integration into existing processes while benefiting from lower booking fees and the ability to market both your own and third-party events. A white label solution lets you maintain complete control over branding and customer experience, enhancing customer loyalty and brand retention.

Tackling the challenges of switching providers

Switching to a new system can seem challenging at first, making thorough planning essential. Start by identifying issues with the current system and involve all departments to develop a comprehensive understanding of the required features. Consulting an external expert can also reveal overlooked aspects, which can then be incorporated into the planning.

Next, create a detailed implementation plan with specific time frames and goals to ensure a smooth transition. A three-month planning period is generally most effective. While our operations team has completed a full implementation in just one week—from initial consultation to a live online shop—this is exceptional and not recommended for a stress-free experience. Therefore, plan for three months.

Extensive team collaboration and positive attitude

We can only emphasize this once again: the involvement of all departments and clear communication are crucial to the success of the new system. Regular meetings and workshops allow everyone involved to voice their concerns and contribute to the joint project.

A positive approach and continuous feedback are essential for a successful transition, enabling early recognition and resolution of issues. Additionally, having one main person responsible for the project on your side makes the process much more relaxed and easier to implement.

Recommendation – Make yourself independent of your ticketing provider!

The familiarisation phase is the most stressful part of a system change. It is completely normal for questions to arise repeatedly.

To ensure that questions are answered as quickly and easily as possible, some ticketing providers offer helpdesks where the organiser can use the search field to get a simple and understandable explanation of their question. You should check whether your new ticketing provider has this top solution BEFORE signing the contract. It will make your life easier and significantly reduce your familiarisation time.


Pay attention to the following points from now on 
and the ticketing system change will run smoothly. 

1. recording the current situation 
a. What features are you currently missing? 
b. Which features must be available again in the future? 

2. inclusion of all departments 
a. Ticketing 
b. Marketing 
c. Operations 
d. Sales 
e. ... 

3. exchange with an event expert 

4. create an implementation plan 

5. is helpdesk available for you as a new customer?

By the way: Easy changeover with egocentric Systems

Integrating a new ticketing system can be straightforward and stress-free. At egocentric Systems, every event organizer is assigned a dedicated contact person to support you throughout the entire transition process. Additionally, our extensive helpdesk is available 24/7 to answer any questions—a service highly valued by our customers.

If this sounds appealing, get in touch with us to arrange a non-binding introductory meeting.

Switching to egocentric Systems not only provides access to a modern and efficient ticketing system but also significantly reduces entry barriers. Don’t let the fear of change hold you back. Instead, look forward to a system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations

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