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How an accessible ticket shop increases customer satisfaction

How an accessible ticket shop increases customer satisfaction 1008 756 egocentric Systems GmbH

Quickly buying concert tickets for the weekend trip, upgrading to a seat category or creating a customer account. None of this sounds like a hurdle at first, but in a digital world where 75% of websites lose potential buyers because they can’t navigate the pages, inclusion plays an increasingly important role. For you as an event organiser, an accessible ticket shop offers not only an ethical but also a business advantage. In this article, you can find out how to integrate inclusion into your digital pre-sales and how to make your ticket shop accessible.

Interested in an inclusive ticketing solution?

In the interview you will find out how an online ticket shop can advance your ambitions in terms of accessibility.

Graffiti with the words "For all"

What is an accessible ticket shop?

A Statista article from 2020 sheds light on the challenges faced by people with disabilities online. The article shows that the most common problem is poor contrast between text and background, which makes reading difficult for people with impaired vision. Around two out of three of the pages analysed have no alternative text, for example to describe images or simplify text. These and other shortcomings make it difficult for many people to find information and carry out transactions.

Accessibility in the digital space means that every user group has access to equivalent information. This also means that digital content must be adapted to these user groups in terms of design and function. As part of the usability or user experience of an online site, accessibility is not only concerned with a user’s permanent impairments; temporary restrictions are also taken into account.

In our article, we look specifically at the accessibility aspects of an online ticket shop and the advantages it offers. Firstly, it expands the target group and makes the offer accessible to people with different types of impairments. Secondly, it improves the user experience for all visitors.

Inclusion is not only a social responsibility, but also a business necessity. At a time when accessibility on the internet is on the decline, as the Statista article shows, an inclusive ticket shop offers a clear competitive advantage.

Is accessibility obligatory?

Accessibility is not mandatory for every website. However, the first step was taken a few years ago with the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV). This initially applies to public service organisations, but also envisages making accessibility in e-commerce mandatory by 2025.

In addition to legal requirements, there are also other guidelines that should make it easier to take inclusion into account in your own digital content. One of these is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which also served as the basis for the egocentric Systems ticketing solution.

Regardless of legal requirements, the above-mentioned advantages should have convinced you of the added value of a ticket shop that is accessible and understandable for as many visitor groups as possible. And in general, “more accessibility” is better than “less accessibility”.

Want to get deeper into the topic of accessibility for online shops?

The test report “How accessible are online shops in Germany” by Aktion Mensch together with Google provides information as well as tips for e-commerce providers.

What does WCAG compliance mean and why is it important?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are an internationally recognised standard that ensures the accessibility of web content. These guidelines are not only an ethical imperative, but also a decisive factor for commercial success.

We have worked hard to integrate these guidelines into our ticketing solution. Compliance with the WCAG guidelines is a tool to create equality and fairness in the digital space. It makes it possible for all people, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities, to have access to culture and entertainment. This is particularly important in a world where venues serve as places for cultural participation and social interaction.

Compliance with the WCAG guidelines also has tangible economic benefits. By increasing accessibility, more people can use the website, find out about events and ultimately buy tickets. This leads to an increase in reach and sales.

8 recommendations for an accessible ticket shop

  1. Check the technical aspects of your ticket shop with the Google Lighthouse browser extension
    The extension gives you an assessment of basic elements (contrasts, font size, labels, touch targets or alt text) and summarises the result on a scale up to 100 (very good).
  2. Expand problem solving with the Wave browser extension
    Analyse your shop in even more detail and quickly find out which errors need to be rectified. The tool is free and summarises problems directly in categories, e.g. contrast errors.
  3. Pay attention to keyboard operability
    Check manually or with screen readers such as Google Talkback that your shop can only be operated using the keyboard. The keyboard focus is also important to be able to understand which element you are on.
  4. Sufficient contrast for better readability
    Ensure that the font has sufficient contrast to the background and also take into account impairments such as red-green weakness. You can get a quick assessment with contrast check tools.
  5. Large buttons for mobile use
    The precise mouse pointer is no longer needed on mobile devices. Buttons should also be large enough for smartphones and tablets to be operated by touch.
  6. Describe your website and event images
    Blind people need graphic and visual elements to be labelled. So-called alternative texts can usually be stored in the content management system for the website.
  7. Communicate clearly and comprehensibly
    Simple language ensures that even complicated processes can be understood. Use short sentences, simple sentence structure and avoid foreign words and abbreviations.
  8. Accessible forms
    Not only the design, but also the functions should be designed to be inclusive. A contact form should be accessible and understandable for all user groups. To achieve this, a so-called “label” with the name of the field must remain when the user clicks in the form fields.


Accessibility and inclusion are not only ethical imperatives, but also business necessities. An accessible ticket shop not only offers an inclusive experience for all, but also increases customer satisfaction and therefore sales.
In addition, such an approach offers a clear competitive advantage: with an accessible ticket shop, you as an organiser stand out from 75% of websites on the internet that are not accessible. This is not only a sign of social responsibility, but also a smart business move.

Don’t wait until the 2025 deadline!

Start now to make your ticket sales inclusive. Talk to our event experts to find out why online ticket sales are a good place to start.

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8 essentials for the fundraising page of your event

8 essentials for the fundraising page of your event 1008 756 egocentric Systems GmbH

Fundraising describes the collection and promotion of donations for a specific purpose or organization. Why are donations interesting for your event? Your events revolve around emotions: Your event planning triggers emotions in a targeted manner and your visitors respond to the experience with a special brand loyalty. The higher the emotionalization between event and visitor, the more solidary the behavior towards your event brand and mission will be. Fundraising campaigns, in this case, can be an aid to you or your mission to achieve a specific goal, increase your reach, or sustain your operation. In the digital space, fundraising pages have proven to be a great way to communicate and collect donations. We’ve collected 8 essentials to help you design your fundraising page professionally and create a seamless fundraising experience for your fanbase/visitors.

Push Donation Engagement

With an online store for your event, you can not only sell tickets, but also call for donations.

Hand in schwarz weiß wirft einen Coin mit Ziffernblatt in ein Spendengefäß

Online donations are more flexible and trackable

Why is an online fundraising page worthwhile for your event? People in Germany donate because they want to support an organization on a regular basis (50.2%) or were motivated by an appeal for donations (17.8%). A website is particularly well suited for both motives. The quick processing of the donation is independent of location and time. Donors can comfortably support your event via desktop or smartphone. You can place your appeal for donations digitally, e.g. via social media, and lead interested parties directly to your fundraising page. If you use an integrated ticket store solution for your event, you can cross-sell your appeal for donations.

Online donations bring further advantages: depending on the fundraising campaign, online donations can be more cost-effective compared to other fundraising methods such as direct mail – you save on printing and postage costs. Plus, donation data can be processed directly, without manual transfer. The donation is processed more seamlessly and you can use the funds more quickly for your fundraising goal.

Overall, online donations can be an effective and efficient way for events to raise funds and connect with donors. By leveraging technology and digital channels, organizations can reach a wider audience, process donations quickly, and gain valuable insights into donor behavior and preferences.

Junger Mann hat am Smartphone die Fundraising-Page seiner Lieblingsrockband geöffnet

8 essentials for your fundraising page

For the common thread on your fundraising page, you must not lose sight of three aspects: first, your mission statement as an organizer, then the purpose of the fundraising campaign and the call-to-action to donate. In addition to the content design, the structure should look simple and aesthetic to create a seamless donation experience. Let’s take a look at each of these components together!

1. Introduce your organization and its purpose

Provide insight into your mission statement. What is the purpose of your event? What responsibility do you assume towards the public and what is the purpose of your concern. This is how you introduce yourself to the visitors of the fundraising page, the donors and the world, so these points should be formulated carefully. Be honest and concrete about the values and goals of your organization.

2. Specify your fundraising goal

Clearly state how much money you want to raise with the fundraising campaign. This gives donors a concrete goal to strive for, and you create a clear expectation of the campaign’s finish line. Tip: consider breaking the goal into smaller, more attainable subgoals. This will give your donor community a recurring sense of accomplishment that will keep them interested in the campaign.

More drive for your fundraising campaign

Discover our 5 suggestions for moving your fundraising campaign forward.

3. Time your fundraising campaign

Publish the timeline for your fundraising campaign, including the start and end dates. This gives donors a sense of urgency and helps them understand when their support is most needed. Make sure to provide regular updates on fundraising progress throughout the campaign to keep your donors informed.

4. Offer flexible donation options

Stay flexible with the donation amount. Every wallet is different and even small donations count! You can offer different donation amounts to choose from, but your donors should also have the option to enter an individual value. Tip: Communicating the individual impact of the donation amounts may motivate them to place a higher donation. Also, make sure that you inform about the purpose of the donation and clearly confirm the receipt of the donation.

5. Tell your story

Use storytelling to connect donors with your mission and the impact of their donation. Share personal stories and give examples of the impact each donation can have. Tip: Share the successes of your last fundraising campaign and how it helped your event.

6. Keep donators up-to-date

Keep your donors informed by providing regular updates on the progress of the fundraising campaign. To do this, you can easily connect your fundraising page with additional communication tools. Through emails or social media posts, you can share how much money has been raised, how the donations are being used, and the impact of the fundraising campaign. This will help you to reach a wider audience for your campaign and attract new supporters.

7. Place the donation form well visible

This is one of the most important aspects of your fundraising page. Website visitors should be able to easily find the donor information link so they can fill out the form, enter their personal information, specify their payment option, and proceed with the donation. Hard-to-find donor information forms discourage potential donors who simply couldn’t find the link.

8. Formulate a clear call-to-action

The call-to-action “Donate now” should be located right next to the donation form. The call-to-action should include a short explanation that encourages visitors to donate now. Keep the wording short and sweet to make the action understandable.

Successful donations with clear information and ease of use

Creating an effective fundraising page requires providing potential donors with clear and concise information about your event, mission, and fundraising campaign. By including the key information above, you can inspire donors to take action and support your cause. Remember to keep donors informed throughout the fundraising campaign and always show appreciation for their support.

Interested in planning your
own fundraising campaign?

Our event ticketing solution combines ticket sales with further functions for your WoW event! It also makes it possible to collect online donations.

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Electronic access control for events: why it is indispensable and what options are available

Electronic access control for events: why it is indispensable and what options are available 1008 756 egocentric Systems GmbH

When you plan an event, one of the most important tasks is to organize access control. Here, electronic access control systems offer numerous advantages over manual methods such as checking printouts or ticking off lists. In our blog post, we explain why electronic access control is indispensable for events and what options are available to find the optimal solution for your event ticketing.

Connect Ticketing & Access Control

Automatically record visitors at check-in and document them clearly in the ticketing system. We show you how!

Scan Counter, der einfach den Ticket QR Code eines mobilen Tickets auf dem Smartphone scannt

Why is electronic access control important for events?

Electronic access control offers an efficient and secure way to control access to an event. With electronic access control systems, you can ensure that only authorized people gain access to your events. This not only minimizes the security risk, but also improves the visitor experience. Instead of waiting in long lines, visitors can simply show their tickets and quickly pass through admission control.

In addition, electronic access control systems provide valuable data for making traceable decisions in your visitor management. For example, event organizers can collect information about the number of visitors, the length of their stay, and their movements around the event site. This data helps to better plan and organize the event to better estimate future attendance and needs.

Guiding visitor flows even more efficiently

Combine your tickets and access control with a special time slot. Even fewer queues and relieved admission staff. Read more in our blog post!

What are the options for electronic access control at events?

There are several options for electronic access control systems that event organizers can use for their events. These include turnstiles and handheld scanners.

Turnstiles are physical barrier systems that provide secure and automated entry control. They are particularly useful for large events, as they are able to check in a high number of people quickly and effectively. Turnstiles can also be combined with other security features such as video surveillance and facial recognition systems to enhance security.

Handheld scanners, on the other hand, are portable devices used by a team member to check tickets or access cards. Handheld scanners are more flexible than turnstiles and can be used at smaller events. They are also a less expensive option than turnstiles because they do not require physical installation.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on the size and type of event, as well as specific requirements. Some event organizers also combine both systems to achieve optimal access control.

In summary, electronic access control systems are essential for events. They provide a high level of security and efficiency in admission control / visitor management, and provide valuable data that can help event organizers better plan and organize future events. The choice between turnstiles and handheld scanners depends on the specific requirements of the event, and some event organizers also combine both systems to achieve optimal access control. Therefore, if you are planning an event, you should consider using electronic access control systems to ensure a smooth and secure event experience.

What should your ticketing system for access control bring to the table?

The solution from egocentric Systems connects your ticketing and access control. Convince yourself with an exclusive insight into the software.

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5 Key Learnings from Reopening Your Event.

5 Key Learnings from Reopening Your Event. 2560 1696 egocentric Systems GmbH

Your reopening went so-so? The return to operation in the New Normal let many organizers breathe a sigh of relief, followed by the realization of new hurdles. We have collected five points that you, as an event organizer, can learn from your reopening, so the next WOW event will be a success. Digitized ticket solutions, easier access control and contactless admission are just a few of the optimization points.

Kontaktfreier Einlass und einfache Zutrittskontrolle für die nächste erfolgreiche Wiedereröffnung

Summer 2021 was the season of great reopenings. Hooray for the revived cultural program, dazzling festivals and bustling city fairs! But sanitation issues, 3G regulations, and the hovering threat of another lockdown, make event operations difficult. What didn’t go so well for your reopening, you can always improve and prepare for the fall with innovative ideas. The collected key learnings in our post show you where to start!

Learning 1: Tickets with time slot are not only for museums

A ticket with a time slot means that your visitors choose a certain visit time when booking the ticket. The visit time regulates the length of stay, which is also noted on the ticket. You can define the intervals in advance and adjust them according to your capacities.

Tickets with time slot booking are suitable for any event that is characterized by streams of visitors and give you the possibility of a controlled flow of visitors. In addition, you can use the capacity of your venue to the fullest. No annoying queues for your visitors! No breaches of hygiene and distance rules! The icing on the cake: Visitor spaces do not expire. When leaving the venue, the space can be re-booked and you sell more tickets.

The ticket system of egocentric Systems offers a sophisticated function for time slot booking. Read more abot the advantages and the how it works.

Tickets mit Zeitfensterbuchung für kontrollierte Besucherströme

Learning 2: Open communication creates a secure feeling

Feeling SAFE is feeling FUN! With the visit of your event you get enormous trust from your guests. Building trust with your community is key in the New Normal. Therefore it is important to communicate continuously and to inform openly. Customer management and marketing tools make it easy for you to stay in touch with your fans. Send reminder emails about your reopening and show transparently what a visit to your location looks like. What do visitors have to consider at the entrance? What is important when returning a ticket? How do you take care of the safety of your guests?

The technological support of a CRM system simplifies the administration of your customer data and is the basis for target group specific communication campaigns. The online ticketing software from egocentric Systems offers you an all-round solution with all the functions you need to build up relationships with your target group – an integrated CRM and numerous marketing tools.

Learning 3: Contactless check-in is part of the basic setup


The goal after your reopening should be to limit the contacts at your event as much as possible. This starts with the purchase of the ticket. Selling your tickets online relieves your box office and expands your ticket range: mobile and print-at-home tickets support contactless admission options. On-site, you can implement electronic access control with the help of ticket scanners. The technical support enables the contactless process, impresses with additional digital functions and is simple to operate. The more contactless options you offer, the safer your guests will feel.

At the entrance, your visitors can scan their ticket themselves – print or mobile – and enter your event contactless. egocentric Systems offers its customers to rent appropriate scanners or supports the implementation of own devices into the system. Further advantages of electronic access control are the downstream functions: in our online ticketing system you can see how many visitors are on your premises and how long their stay lasted. This way you always have an overview of how many seats you can still sell or if your location is already full.

Learning 4: Online requests facilitate contact tracking

Data over data. The obligation of contact tracking occupies all organizers. The first hurdle is collecting the necessary data. Paperwork at the venue and queues must be avoided! Second hurdle is managing the data to quickly find the information when needed. Both points can be solved if you also sell your tickets online.

A cleverly designed online ticketing solution, like the one from egocentric Systems 😉, allows you to query customer information directly during ticket booking. You can create forms yourself and integrate them into the purchasing process. The created profiles of your guests can be easily managed by CRM and optimize the search for the desired information. Of course, the processing of data in the system is compliant according to legal guidelines.

Learning 5: To invest in innovative solutions is always a good idea

Beitragsbild Biete Shows und Performances online an

The lockdown made organizers aware of new innovative event formats. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, we recommend you to do so pronto. How about your own online media library where you can offer additional material or recordings of entire events? You can also sell tickets for your digital offer via a paywall. You can also offer your event as a livestream and create the potential for double revenues. Furthermore, a digital solution opens the door to a larger target group and makes your brand more present online.

The egocentric Systems solution delivers a fast option for video content that you can integrate directly on your website. We see the huge advantage of the feature in maintaining the relationship with your guests. Home entertainment creates proximity to your offering and is an opportunity for networking and community building. Integrated features for chatting and a donation plugin complete the online experience.

Let’s sum up


Digitize processes to help you manage your event at New Normal. From online ticketing to contact tracking, there are digital offerings. With our online ticketing software you get all functions in one solution – JACKPOT!


Make the most of your venue and sell tickets efficiently. Tickets with time slot booking balance visitor flows and turn one ticket per visitor seat into as many as you want. A digital system in the background allows you to monitor the utilization of your event.


Make it contactless, if possible. Whether with special ticket types, a scanner system for electric admission control or an online offer for your fans at home. Diversify your offer and rely on technological support to create your WOW event in the New Normal.

You are not sure yet or still have questions. We would be happy to help you with your hurdles. Feel free to contact us at: info@egocentric-systems.de

Get started with us now!

For even more information about event ticketing software and pricing, just contact us and get to know us and our software.

How e-ticketing takes the pressure off your event planning.

How e-ticketing takes the pressure off your event planning. 2560 1707 egocentric Systems GmbH

The pandemic time has brought your business to a standstill? Or you are struggling with the implementation of hygiene regulations? The right e-ticketing solution can take the pressure off your event planning and offer numerous advantages – during the crisis and even afterwards.

Unser E-Ticket-System erleichtert Deine Veranstaltungsplanung

The planning of events is experiencing numerous hurdles due to the Covid-19 crisis and is increasing the organizational effort in numerous places. The sale of tickets also has to face new demands: preferably contactless, digital or mobile and as simple as possible. The ticketing system behind it should make your life easier and not open up another construction site. Below we present the advantages of e-tickets and how our solution solves your problems.

Increase Online Sales


The additional sales channel – the ticket store on your website – reaches new target groups compared to advance sales at the box office. Even visitors from further away can book tickets online for a weekend trip. This independence from physical distance is what makes e-tickets so special. But they also have other advantages.

E-tickets or digital tickets have a decisive advantage over analog tickets from the box office: transparency. Online sales allow you to bundle information – about buyers and for which events especially many tickets are sold. Linking the data directly from ticket sales with the event manager of egocentric Systems allows you to query and evaluate a wide range of data. This traceability is much more difficult with analog ticket sales.

And the most important thing should not be forgotten: digital tickets allow control mechanisms for the new normal. The sale of seat tickets with automatic spacing function, overview of the capacities of your premises and the sale of tickets with time windows. This way, you can already see how many visitors you expect and what the capacity utilization is when planning your event. This allows you to easily implement spacing rules and avoid contacts.

Also important to consider: the environmental factor

The graph above shows the environmental impact of paper. Although it is a more sustainable material than plastic, for example, reducing the use of paper can also do good for our planet. Saving paper counteracts the deforestation of forests. More and more people are becoming aware of this and are changing their purchasing behavior accordingly.

With e-tickets, you address precisely these visitors with an awareness of sustainability and create an alternative to the conventional paper ticket with digital tickets.

Fast forward again

That’s how e-tickets take the pressure off your event planning:

  • Easy access to tickets in your online shop
  • More revenue through flexible use of advertising space on the e-ticket
  • Direct collection of information from the sales process and linking with presentation and evaluation tools
  • Compliance with hygiene requirements and distance regulations
  • The environment thanks you – e-tickets have a significant sustainability aspect

Get started with us now!

For even more information about event ticketing software and pricing, just contact us and get to know us and our software better.

Quickly reopen. Timed tickets for easy appointment booking.

Quickly reopen. Timed tickets for easy appointment booking. 2560 1707 egocentric Systems GmbH

As agreed at the last Coronagipfel, openings for retail, museums and zoos are coming within reach – although not the same for all federal states. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, many museums have reopened since 08.03.2021. In Bavaria, cultural institutions have also been allowed to reopen their doors since 11.03.2021. The issue of fixed time windows for visitors plays a central role here. Because the idea is that visitors must book appointments in advance and provide their contact details. Wearing a mask is mandatory and visits are limited in time. Now many operators are faced with the question “How do I enable guests to book for specific time slots and query data in a compliant way?”

Retailers show how it’s done. An article by FAZ

Click & Meet is the new motto especially for retail. Similar concepts are also conceivable for cultural venues, museums and outdoor pools. For these, however, the motto is tickets with a time slot. These can simply be booked online and quickly scanned on site. The retrieval of customer data is also made easier.

What are tickets with time slots?

Time-window tickets make it easier for you to control the capacity of your venue and the flow of visitors. With time-based ticketing, you can offer tickets in limited time windows. This helps to regulate visitor flows and avoid long queues and overcrowding. At the same time, short waiting times improve the customer experience.

How does selling tickets with time windows work?

1. White label ticket store on your own website

Your visitors can buy an online ticket with time slot directly on your website without being redirected to an external site. All they have to do is select the relevant exhibition and set the date and time. To do this, you can simply create a price list in the system that meets the requirements of your company. These lists can be customized by price, area and ticket type. Create multiple price lists and assign them to the exhibitions for which you want to use time-based ticketing.

Einfache und schnelle Buchung im Online-Ticketshop direkt auf Deiner Webseite

2. Shopping cart with subsequent query of customer information
After your visitors have placed all the tickets and products they want in the shopping cart, they can register for a customer login or continue via a guest account. In doing so, all relevant information such as place of residence and telephone number will be requested. The processing is done in our system in accordance with data protection and is easy to handle due to the integration in the booking. If you wish, you can also create customizable forms, e.g. for contact follow-up, in the system and add them to the booking process.

Kombinierter Warenkorb für Tickets und Produkte plus Abfrage der Kundeninformationen

3. E-ticket for fast scan at the entrance

After your visitors have placed all the tickets and products they want in the shopping cart, they can register for a customer login or continue via a guest account. In doing so, all relevant information such as place of residence and telephone number will be requested. The processing is done in our system in accordance with data protection and is easy to handle due to the integration in the booking. If you wish, you can also create customizable forms, e.g. for contact follow-up, in the system and add them to the booking process.

E-Ticket zum Abspeichern oder Drucken für einen reibungslosen Einlass

Good for your visitors! But what about you?

So far, so good! Your visitors are well taken care of with our system, but what do tickets with time slots bring you? The advantages are not only the ticket store for online sales, but the heart of the system is the event manager, where you can configure everything. With the time slot tool for timed ticketing, you can view, track and edit ticket availability in real time. If a time slot is sold out, customers are notified during the selection process. This is used to prevent oversupply of your events.

You see, tickets with time slots with simple creation, booking and control are the key to a fast reopening. We will help you with a quick implementation of our system and the setup of Time Tickets. Just contact us and we will talk about how to realize your reopening as soon as possible: info@egocentric-systems.de

Book time slots quickly and easily online

Open easily, in the shortest time and with maximum security! Find your suitable package from super fast to fully integrated.

Event Reports: these 6 are fundamental for your event

Event Reports: these 6 are fundamental for your event 2560 1829 egocentric Systems GmbH

In many online ticketing systems it is difficult to find and evaluate the most important data for events. Are you often missing the event report you need? Or you cannot find a suitable one in your ticketing solution?

Group of women around a table and have a meeting

What you get out of it: informative event reports make it easier for you to analyze your events, can be found quickly in the system and can be customized. In our blog post, we present 6 fundamental event reports that do just that. In addition, they are the basis for efficient analysis of your data and for deriving decisions.

No. 1 Event Summary Report

With the Event Summary Report you get an overview of the sales of your events. Measure the success of your events by analyzing how much revenue was generated in each category, e.g. tickets, merchandise, vouchers, donations. See how well you sold by each ticket category, how much you collected in advance fees, and how crowded your event is.

This report provides a good overall view of how successful your event can be in the future and which sub-areas need your attention the most.

No. 2 Payment Matching Report

From an accounting perspective, matching, i.e. comparing and contrasting the financial data of your ticket sales, is essential. Therefore, matching your reports is critical for credit card payment verification. Compare your transactions in our ticketing system with the funds from your payment gateway to correct any errors.

This will help you identify errors that occurred immediately. It is best to run this report daily to ensure your information is up to date.

No. 3 Custom Sales Report

If you need an event report that allows you to select your own sales revenue (e.g. customer information, event date ranges, etc.), then you should consider the custom sales report. Run the same report over and over again without effort to minimize your search time and filter desired information faster.

Share this report with all users in your event organizer account to keep them updated and informed about event sales. Run this report anytime you need comprehensive sales data.

No. 4 Custom Customer Report

Do you know enough about the people who attend your events? No? Then this event report will help you change that. For example, you can understand the demographics of your guests. This data will not only greatly improve your marketing efforts, but can also help you deepen relationships with your guests.

The Custom Customer Report is perfect for getting a snapshot of your visitors’ buying habits. Retrieve data such as your visitor’s name, email address, tickets purchased and total number of orders to get more information and improve the visitor experience.

No. 5 Will Call Report

You work with deposit or booking lists for all visitors of the particular event day? Keeping such records manually often leads to a great deal of processing work and contains numerous sources of error. Replace these manual lists sooner rather than later! Instead, immediately create a list of pickups for your upcoming events in the ticketing system.

The Will Call Report helps you capture all guests along with your necessary ticket information – similar to a guest list. The report identifies where your visitors purchased their tickets and allows you to sort them by visitor name or order number. If you want to get an overview of your visitors, the Will Call Report is worth checking out on the day of your event.

No. 6 Cashier Report

In the course of your daily work, you or your cashiers will generate an incredible amount of transactions that you need to keep accurate records of. With the Cashier Report you’ll be able to generate a list of the sales activities carried out by your employees. This will give you a detailed breakdown of each transaction, such as the number of cash or credit card payments, exchange orders, and which cashier was responsible for those orders during each period. This report is a great tool that will assist you in your cashier operations and greatly improve your cashier operations.

Now it’s your turn

You now realize how fundamental event reports are for you and your events! They make data clearer, more comprehensible and make it easier for you to find the information you need. You have also learned how we implement this with our system.

You are not sure yet or still have questions. We would be happy to help you with your challenges. Feel free to contact us at: info@egocentric-systems.de

You like what you’ve read?

With the reports from egocentric Systems, querying your data is easy peasy. Book your personal demo and see for yourself!

Event ticketing features that faciliate social distancing.

Event ticketing features that faciliate social distancing. 2560 1707 egocentric Systems GmbH

Social Distancing or also
a Baby elephant distance.

While the pandemic completely switched off the lights of the event industry during the lockdown, creative event organizers and ticket providers have found ways to make a fresh start. True to the industry motto “The show must go on”!, that is why egocentric Systems is striving to introduce new event ticketing features that facilitate social distancing. In this blog we would like to introduce some of them to you.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, experts have been raving about keeping distance as the most effective way to prevent the spread of the disease. This means that a distance of about 1.50m should be kept between you and another person. When you think of pictures in sold-out soccer stadiums, cheering fans, or party scenes from music festivals – unimaginable! And less visitors mean less atmosphere and in the end, economically, also less income.

But hey, desperate times call for creative measures, so we have to find a way to deal with that. The first events are setting a good example: the soccer match of the first DFB cup round between SG Dynamo Dresden and Hamburger SV on September 14th, 2020 shows how it can work, even keeping a distance.

With exactly 10,053 spectators, the organizers have managed to set at least one European record as the temporarily most visited soccer match during the pandemic. It was an event that was internationally acclaimed and also attracted attention in major soccer cities such as London, Barcelona or Madrid. This game is considered a good example of how things can slowly return to normal.

4 points you should consider.
1. Location

First of all, you need a venue that allows you to hold a profitable event even if you don’t have the capacity. The hygiene concepts approved by the German health authorities generally assume a maximum utilization of 30-40% of the total capacity by September 2020.

This is not profitably reproducible for every organizer. But especially in larger arenas, ticket sales may be worthwhile, even if the seats are kept at a distance when booking.


You have to make sure that all guests have an appropriate distance between each other and that only people from the same household are together in the respective “zones”. Most hygiene concepts require that the distance between guests who do not belong to a zone is at least 1.50 meters.


In addition, various means of entry to the venue are necessary to avoid crowds. Only in this way is it possible to keep the maximum distance when admitting guests.


The last point is to ensure contact tracking. Each ticket should be personalized so that each visitor can be notified in case of an occurred corona infection.


Event Ticketing features that facilitate social distancing.

With our software, we offer you exactly the tools you need to comply with the four points mentioned above. You can use our Social Distancing function integrated into the seating plan for ticketing. Maybe you already know our contribution to 10 premium ticketing functions? Here we present nine more features that will be useful to you in the times of Covid19.

An important requirement for using our function for automatic spacing in the seating plan is to have a seat folder set up. Your guests should have the possibility to book their seat exactly as they wish. So you first have to create the corresponding seating or table plan in the ticketing system.

In order that, you, as the organizer get the maximum possible utilization, you set up the seating plan exactly as it would be at full capacity. So first you release all seats. Then you set the rules.

It can be important to note that your guests may only buy tickets for their own group of people. For example, if they are attending the event with two of their friends or family members, it is okay that they stay in the same zone. But nobody should be able to buy tickets for that same zone.

This means that after each booking, a block is automatically placed around the booked seats and, for example, 1 or 2 free seats are blocked to the left and right of the booked seats. Once the purchase is completed, these seats are no longer visible.

In the screenshot above you can see an example how it can look like. The occupied seats are shown as booked, seats to the left and right disappear and are greyed out. Available seats are still bookable in the respective category color.

Another thing we have mentioned is that you should avoid that to many people crowd in when you enter. Therefore, it is important to consider enough entrances and to show them immediately in the hall plan. The ticket should clearly show which entrance or entrance sector your visitors should use. This is easily done with our layout editor.

In addition, you can define different check-in availability times for each ticket belonging to the same entrance and set the difference between allowed check-ins, for example in ten minute slots.

The show must go on.

As we said at the beginning – the show must go on! We are closely monitoring what is happening in the live event industry. To ensure that our customers are successful, we are constantly developing our many functions further. These innovations and tutorials can also be found on our YouTube Channel.

With the presented event ticketing features, which facilitate social distancing, you will reach the maximum possible capacity despite the restrictions. If your demand is higher, you can use our extensive streaming features and generate additional revenue.

We are constantly working on bringing new innovations in ticketing to the market. This progress helped egocentric Systems win new partnerships in September 2020. We are very happy about this and it is the biggest motivation to keep on working hard and to help you master the difficulties and chaos during the Corona pandemic.

Hang in there, be creative and as always have fun with the ticketing!

Interest aroused?

Du möchtest unabhängig und erfolgreich Deine Events ausverkaufen?
Dann teste unverbindlich unsere innovative Softwarelösung für Ticketverkäufe.

Rescue plan for organizers in second lockdown.

Rescue plan for organizers in second lockdown. 2560 1922 egocentric Systems GmbH

Ticketing measures to get you through the second lockdown.

The second wave of the COVID-19 virus has also hit Germany and the number of infected people has increased exponentially, especially in the month of October. The German government reacted to this with a second lockdown on October 28, 2020, which includes a renewed ban on all events. To make sure that you as an organizer are prepared, we present you here seven ticketing measures for the second lockdown.

This decision of the federal government brutally affects most organizers, no matter if they are theaters, museums, amusement parks or sports clubs. Concepts, emergency solutions and hygiene measures that have been painstakingly built up over the past few months to finally allow events with an audience to take place in these times are suddenly worthless again.

Even if it will be of little consolation to most of our customers, we still want to take up our motto from the spring: the show must go on. In our blog In our blog post “Surviving the Corona Crisis” from April 6, 2020, we described a number of possibilities to generate sales even during the lockdown.


Despite everything, we let our thoughts wander and we want to give to all organizers, who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, even more tips and support. As said, we know how difficult this pandemic is for all of us.

As your provider of modern ticketing solutions, we firmly believe that there are ways to, at least, somewhat, mitigate the impact that this pandemic has on our entire industry. Here are seven ticketing measures to get you through the second lockdown.

7 ticketing measures for the second lockdown.

Driving forward donations.

In a time of crisis, when sales are declining, one of the most important factors is to ask your fans for support. The helpfulness of everyone is gigantic. We have felt this in almost every action that was done with our software. No matter if it was in our own soliticket promotion or in the many fundraising campaigns that were done with the help of our donation tool.

Now is another time to start a fundraising campaign. Maybe with new ideas, with special incentives for your supporters, sapecial memberships or a transparent crowd-funding campaign.

Include a donation plugin directly on your homepage so people can see your campaign.
Create a specific campaign for the COVID 19 crisis with a message that outlines the history and needs of your organization during this time.
Share this fundraising campaign with your benefactors through social media and email to raise awareness.
Organize free events or live streams and let your fans decide how much they want to pay with our ``pay what you want`` feature.

Offer gift cards.

At a time like this, when events have been postponed or cancelled, promoting or offering gift cards is a great option compared to ticket refunds. Offer your Gift Cards to patrons or other people on your email list to boost your sales during this time. Check out these benefits.

A digital gift card is as good as cash.
Gift cards never expire.
Send a gift certificate to a friend.
Sell gift cards at a discounted price, but with a higher value.

Sell Flex Passes.

Flex Pass subscriptions include a fixed number of tickets set up by the organizer. It can be configured to include or exclude specific event types, dates, and tickets. You have the option to restrict by price range or category.

If you are coming from a theater, playhouse, improv theater, or other event format and your season has been postponed due to the pandemic, Flex Passes may be an advantage.

Any credit on a Flex Pass can be carried over to a new season.
Sales at a discounted price can also help to boost sales during that time.

Better refund options.

Don’t lose money on tickets already sold when a visitor requests a refund. We offer you the following options and more with our ticketing software.

Refund to a gift card that can be used for tickets to various events, merchandise and more.
Get a refund on a donation and in return receive a receipt for tax benefits.
Refund to an account balance that can be used at the box office or ticket store for future transactions.
Rebooking to another event.
Exchange to a livestream ticket.

Live broadcast of your events.

Livestreaming is a great option to pick up fans in their living room and allows you to have more people at your event. egocentric Systems can help you sell more tickets with livestreams.

When we conceived and developed numerous options in March at the beginning of the pandemic, we never expected such a great response. Since then, many event organizers have turned their attention to the livestream option and are successfully selling tickets. You do not know the possibilities yet? Find out more about all functions HERE.

Livestreams ensure you a wide audience that virtually visits your events.
Livestreams can be easily added directly to your website via the plugin.
Integrated chat and donation functionality offers further possibilities to improve the customer experience.
The creation of a media library with paid access generates additional revenue for your cash register. And you can offer both permanent and limited access.

Easily move of the event dates.

To move an event, egocentric Systems offers the possibility to easily transfer all your event information to another one. Simply change the data of your existing event and the system will automatically update the event news and other date related elements. Also, tickets automatically change the date and validity of event tickets.

Any credit on a Flex Pass can be carried over to a new season.
Sales at a discounted price can also help boost sales during that time.

Sell goods.

With our software you have the possibility to sell items in connection with donations and tickets. For example, you can sell programs, t-shirts, mugs or other goods on your website or within a purchase process.

Sell tickets and accessories directly in a shopping cart.
Easy online selling of your goods - together or independently of your tickets.

Take off with us now!

For more information about event ticketing software and prices, just contact us and get to know us and our software better.

Ticketing system for conferences and fairs, cheaper than expected.

Ticketing system for conferences and fairs, cheaper than expected. 2560 1707 egocentric Systems GmbH

What should flexible ticketing and participant management for conferences look like?

What should flexible ticketing system for conferences and fairs look like?
Are you planning a conference or trade fair that gives people the opportunity to network, make contacts and form partnerships? An event that will help people and companies advance their business, add value to their lives or take their career to the next level?

You want solutions. You rush to the internet to find a serious ticketing or accreditation system for your conference. An event software that allows participants to register and buy tickets. But do you quickly run out of breath when you find out how much money some people are asking for and how bad the others are?

Nowadays, people expect things like buying tickets to be done conveniently and quickly via PC or mobile devices. To achieve this, visitors want information that is as compact and comprehensive as possible. The needs of your guests are important and you have to respond to them. This also includes that the admission is fast and smooth. Nobody wants to stand in a long queue at the entrance and wait.

Comprehensive ticketing systems for conferences and faires are priceless?
Not necessarily!


We can help make ticket purchasing much easier and more convenient for both you and your event visitors, whether you’re organizing a small or large event.

With the help of the efficient all-in-one ticketing and admission system from egocentric Systems this is easy to solve. We have done all the work for you and created a platform where you can easily provide conference tickets as well as exhibition tickets to the participants and offer a seamless admission process.



Online ticket store in your design.

First you need an online store. With our Shop-Plugin you can quickly and easily design your ticket store in your corporate design. It will be integrated into your website in less than 3 minutes and your visitors can buy tickets or register for your conference directly on your website. The whole thing works also directly from your cell phone, so that your guests can book tickets from anywhere.

Sell different sessions at your conference online.

As a conference organizer you probably know this. You have a main stage and different breakout sessions taking place in smaller rooms with capacity limitations. With the help of our ticketing platform for conferences you can easily allow your participants to pre-book different breakout sessions.

This way your guests can plan their visit from the comfort of their home or office and make sure that they get a seat at the presentation of their choice. The participants can see which speakers will be present and what topics are being discussed.

Get to know your guests and get all the information you need.

You want more information about your participants? Or maybe you offer different catering services during the breaks? With our system integrated forms and freely definable text fields, you can request all relevant information in the store. Use free text, checkboxes or individual query forms.

Livestream tickets as an additional source of income.

You want maximum reach and additional revenue?
Use our livestream integration to reach participants who do not want to travel due to the current situation or are not interested in every lecture. Turn your conference into a hybrid event and offer both visitor and livestream tickets. Not only will you reach more guests, but you can also increase your sales. You can find detailed information about the virtual event HERE

Admission and ticket scanning.

We talked about this right at the beginning, a smooth entrance to your conference is very important. With our high performance and easy to use scan app, admission is a breeze. Use any smartphone and install our app. It’s ready to go and your guests can stream in.

If you do not have your own device, no problem. We can also lend you our modern ticket scanners. These devices use the latest technology to ensure that all tickets are scanned in real time. Fraudulent tickets would be identified with ease. Learn more about ticket scanning and validation on our YouTube Channel

Accreditation and name tag printing.

For many conferences a consistent accreditation process is necessary. This means that your guests are registered at the entrance, scanned and receive their printed name tag. This also works very easily with our accreditation solution for conferences and trade fairs. The printed or digital ticket is held up to the scanner, the booking is called up and the name tag is printed. It could hardly be easier or faster.

Visitor management.

Good participant management is another point. The participant management system integrated in our software always shows you the current number of visitors and data. It also offers you a wide range of data and various reports that can be called up quickly and easily with just one click.

What does all this cost you?

We understand that you have already spent a lot of money on putting together an event. That’s why we only charge a small fee on every ticket sold. This way you can keep the costs very low and only pay if you have made a profit. These fees go directly into the support and maintenance of our systems and ensure that we always provide you with the best service. This way you get the best value for money when selling conference tickets!


Selling tickets for a conference or trade fair does not have to be an overwhelming or tedious task. The sales process can be easily automated and made efficient, reducing repetitive and time-consuming steps.

With the help of our all-in-one ticketing solution you can easily manage the ticket sales and admission process. Our system can be delivered as a white label ticketing solution and we are the experts when it comes to issuing tickets.

Interest aroused?

Then get an individual demo of our innovative software solution for ticket sales. We are looking forward to your contact and are also available for all your questions.

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