Ticketing system for conferences and fairs, cheaper than expected.

Ticketing system for conferences and fairs, cheaper than expected.

Ticketing system for conferences and fairs, cheaper than expected. 2560 1707 egocentric Systems GmbH

What should flexible ticketing and participant management for conferences look like?

What should flexible ticketing system for conferences and fairs look like?
Are you planning a conference or trade fair that gives people the opportunity to network, make contacts and form partnerships? An event that will help people and companies advance their business, add value to their lives or take their career to the next level?

You want solutions. You rush to the internet to find a serious ticketing or accreditation system for your conference. An event software that allows participants to register and buy tickets. But do you quickly run out of breath when you find out how much money some people are asking for and how bad the others are?

Nowadays, people expect things like buying tickets to be done conveniently and quickly via PC or mobile devices. To achieve this, visitors want information that is as compact and comprehensive as possible. The needs of your guests are important and you have to respond to them. This also includes that the admission is fast and smooth. Nobody wants to stand in a long queue at the entrance and wait.

Comprehensive ticketing systems for conferences and faires are priceless?
Not necessarily!


We can help make ticket purchasing much easier and more convenient for both you and your event visitors, whether you’re organizing a small or large event.

With the help of the efficient all-in-one ticketing and admission system from egocentric Systems this is easy to solve. We have done all the work for you and created a platform where you can easily provide conference tickets as well as exhibition tickets to the participants and offer a seamless admission process.



Online ticket store in your design.

First you need an online store. With our Shop-Plugin you can quickly and easily design your ticket store in your corporate design. It will be integrated into your website in less than 3 minutes and your visitors can buy tickets or register for your conference directly on your website. The whole thing works also directly from your cell phone, so that your guests can book tickets from anywhere.

Sell different sessions at your conference online.

As a conference organizer you probably know this. You have a main stage and different breakout sessions taking place in smaller rooms with capacity limitations. With the help of our ticketing platform for conferences you can easily allow your participants to pre-book different breakout sessions.

This way your guests can plan their visit from the comfort of their home or office and make sure that they get a seat at the presentation of their choice. The participants can see which speakers will be present and what topics are being discussed.

Get to know your guests and get all the information you need.

You want more information about your participants? Or maybe you offer different catering services during the breaks? With our system integrated forms and freely definable text fields, you can request all relevant information in the store. Use free text, checkboxes or individual query forms.

Livestream tickets as an additional source of income.

You want maximum reach and additional revenue?
Use our livestream integration to reach participants who do not want to travel due to the current situation or are not interested in every lecture. Turn your conference into a hybrid event and offer both visitor and livestream tickets. Not only will you reach more guests, but you can also increase your sales. You can find detailed information about the virtual event HERE

Admission and ticket scanning.

We talked about this right at the beginning, a smooth entrance to your conference is very important. With our high performance and easy to use scan app, admission is a breeze. Use any smartphone and install our app. It’s ready to go and your guests can stream in.

If you do not have your own device, no problem. We can also lend you our modern ticket scanners. These devices use the latest technology to ensure that all tickets are scanned in real time. Fraudulent tickets would be identified with ease. Learn more about ticket scanning and validation on our YouTube Channel

Accreditation and name tag printing.

For many conferences a consistent accreditation process is necessary. This means that your guests are registered at the entrance, scanned and receive their printed name tag. This also works very easily with our accreditation solution for conferences and trade fairs. The printed or digital ticket is held up to the scanner, the booking is called up and the name tag is printed. It could hardly be easier or faster.

Visitor management.

Good participant management is another point. The participant management system integrated in our software always shows you the current number of visitors and data. It also offers you a wide range of data and various reports that can be called up quickly and easily with just one click.

What does all this cost you?

We understand that you have already spent a lot of money on putting together an event. That’s why we only charge a small fee on every ticket sold. This way you can keep the costs very low and only pay if you have made a profit. These fees go directly into the support and maintenance of our systems and ensure that we always provide you with the best service. This way you get the best value for money when selling conference tickets!


Selling tickets for a conference or trade fair does not have to be an overwhelming or tedious task. The sales process can be easily automated and made efficient, reducing repetitive and time-consuming steps.

With the help of our all-in-one ticketing solution you can easily manage the ticket sales and admission process. Our system can be delivered as a white label ticketing solution and we are the experts when it comes to issuing tickets.

Interest aroused?

Then get an individual demo of our innovative software solution for ticket sales. We are looking forward to your contact and are also available for all your questions.

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