How smart visitor management increases the satisfaction of your customers

How smart visitor management increases the satisfaction of your customers 1008 756 egocentric Systems GmbH

Why do fans keep coming back to your events? What influences the visitor experience? These are the key questions in visitor management. By examining the entire event journey, from the initial ticket purchase to post-event evaluation, you can identify crucial points that generate enthusiasm or go unnoticed due to seamless execution. For instance, a well-managed check-in process is one that guests don’t even notice because it runs so smoothly.

In this blog article, we’ll explore various aspects of visitor management to enhance visitor satisfaction and identify stages where you can create an extra wow effect (keyword: Inseat Ordering).

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What is visitor management?

Visitor management encompasses everything from arrival and departure to spectator safety and order. The goal is to direct the flow of visitors efficiently, ensuring everyone reaches their intended destination with ease. Guiding visitors past sales stands can maximize sales per visitor. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to eliminate opportunities for dissatisfaction. Therefore, quick admission and thank-you messages after a successful event are also essential aspects of visitor management.

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Capacity planning

Effective capacity planning is the foundation of every successful event. It involves not only identifying the maximum number of visitors per location but also optimizing guest distribution. Each location has capacity limits that must be respected to ensure safety and enhance the visitor experience. Different events require different seating arrangements, whether seated or standing, and good planning ensures guest comfort and satisfaction.

In addition to smart ticketing systems that help manage capacity through sales, technologies can direct visitor flows during the event. For example, an inseat ordering app can guide visitors to the nearest catering stand or inform them where the shortest waiting times are. Push notifications can quickly provide your audience with relevant information about food and beverages, offering alternatives to minimize waiting times.

Logistics and infrastructure

Logistics and infrastructure are crucial to every event. Careful planning of toilets, catering stands, and first-aid stations ensures your guests are well taken care of. Coordinating the set-up and dismantling of event technology saves time and resources. Effective traffic management and ample parking prevent congestion and ensure a stress-free arrival. Reviewing past events can help identify capacity issues: Were there bottlenecks at entrances or restrooms? Which catering stands needed more staff? Which items sold out quickly?

Modern ordering systems in the food & beverage sector can address these issues by tracking sales and stock levels, and providing quick analyses with ready-made reports. Accepting pre-orders can enhance storage management and ensure visitors can buy their desired items on the event day.

These systems also allow you to analyze the capacity utilization of individual catering stands and optimize staff distribution to speed up order deliveries. For visitor management, speed and adaptability to demand are key.


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Clear and effective communication along the entire event journey is the key to satisfied visitors. Inform your guests well in advance about all relevant details regarding arrival, parking options and access to the event. A detailed FAQ and a customer service hotline will answer all your guests’ questions before and during the event. Use social media and your website to keep your guests up to date at all times.

In addition, app solutions can be another way of effectively delivering your messages. Due to the constant presence of smartphones, this channel also gives you the opportunity to share information during the event. A special plus for your visitor management is the use of an inseat ordering app for your catering offers. You can use push notifications to inform visitors about sales stands, share special offers or inform them about the status of an order and motivate them to pick it up at the next available stall.

Managing visitor flows

A smooth process during the event increases guest satisfaction. Coordinate admission flows, check tickets or accreditations, and manage queues and waiting times. Mobile ordering options and cashless payments can further optimize the process.

During the event, effective visitor management includes clear signposting, directional signage, and dedicated staff to direct visitor flows and prevent bottlenecks. Security and stewarding staff ensure a safe and orderly event, while good communication with police and emergency services is essential. Quality catering, hygiene measures, and a lost property office greatly enhance guest satisfaction. Imagine offering a service where a lost item prompts a push notification to all visitors, allowing the owner to quickly retrieve their property.

Real-time monitoring of visitor numbers and recording complaints enable a faster response to unforeseen events.

Post-event visitor management is equally important. Coordinating departures and efficient traffic management ensure a smooth end to the event. Collect and analyze visitor feedback to improve future events

Happy Fans, Happy Ends!

Intelligent visitor management increases the satisfaction of your guests and contributes significantly to the success of your event. the right technology, e.g. Inseat Ordering, can help you to further optimise the visitor experience and ensure even more fantastic moments for your audience.

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