4 advantages selling tickets directly from your own website – White Label Ticketing.

4 advantages selling tickets directly from your own website – White Label Ticketing.

4 advantages selling tickets directly from your own website – White Label Ticketing. 1920 1080 egocentric Systems GmbH

Curious how you as an organizer can sell tickets directly from your website? By selling tickets directly on your website you can not only reach a wider audience, but also make the most of your own sales channel and save money.
Here are four benefits of selling tickets through your own website. Read you can increase your profits with a white label ticketing solution.

Practical for the buyer

Studies show that the fewer clicks required to buy an item, the more purchases are made. If potential customers are on your website, it is therefore all the more convenient for them to buy tickets if they are not forwarded first.
This is especially important when customers are browsing your website, as they are likely to find out about your upcoming events, choose tour dates, view the program, or otherwise find event information, and so that you are already thinking about buying tickets and are interested in your events.
With the various online sales functions of egocentric Systems, such as B. “Subscribers & Memberships” that offer a series of benefits for your regular customers will greatly simplify the buying experience of your customers and thus inevitably increase ticket sales.

Minimal cash costs and cost reduction

By switching to online ticketing and using your own white label ticketing shops, you can not only increase your ticket sales, but also significantly reduce costs. You can not only save very expensive pre-sale and service fees, but also significantly reduce your personnel costs at the box office. In addition, when your customers purchase via the online shop, they can enjoy functionalities such as “share payment” and the simple “ticket exchange”. At the same time, your customer sees all historical purchases in his profile and can simply retrieve his tickets before the event. If you don’t want to enter data, you can easily and conveniently shop as a guest.

White Label Ticketing – Never be redirected to another website

If you as the organizer sell tickets through a ticket service provider, the customer is usually redirected to his website. Tickets are purchased in the ticket provider’s shop. However, opening a new website can cause unnecessary confusion for your customers and cause them to cancel their purchases. For this reason, we offer white label ticketing software. Our plug-in is easily integrated and the ticket shop looks like part of your website. The customer has no media breaks and the cancellation rate drops significantly. Your customer also has a much more enjoyable shopping experience and the customer data stays with you and not with a third-party ticket seller.

Customizable Shop Plug-In

In addition to redirecting to another website, it can also confuse customers if an integrated shop is formatted differently or does not fit into the overall picture of the website. This may discourage customers from buying tickets or lead to cancellation.
With the customizable plug-in of the eventmanager from egocentric Systems, you can easily adapt your shop plug-in to the rest of your website and create a seamless transition between the website and the shop plug-in. It works for your customers as if you use a completely own ticket shop and your guests will never know that you actually use the ticket system from egocentric Systems.

egocentric Systems helps you to take advantage of the four mentioned, but also much more advantages if you sell tickets directly form your website. Not only do you save money at the box office and get a comprehensive white label ticketing system, but you’ll probably also attract new customers, boost ticket sales and be a bit more independent.

With unique functions such as time slots for guided tours, where you can set variable admission times, and the choice of whether you set up a hall plan or allow the customer free space, as well as the comprehensive CRM functionalities, you can as an organizer faster and easier to sell tickets than ever before.

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