The reason why your ticket shop needs a digital waiting list

The reason why your ticket shop needs a digital waiting list 1008 756 egocentric Systems GmbH

Event sold out? Think again! In event organization and ticketing, surprises are inevitable. Ticket cancellations are common during pre-sales, so how can you streamline resales with foresight? Enter the dynamic waiting list for your ticket shop. This article explains why setting up a digital waiting list is a smart move to enhance your event experience and quickly resell available tickets.

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What is a digital waiting list?

For sold-out events, the dynamic waiting list is an ingenious tool seamlessly integrated into the egocentric Systems solution. Developed to simplify managing high-demand events, it offers key features such as:

  • Automatic Data Capture: The dynamic waiting list automatically gathers information from potential attendees.
  • Control Over Ticket Allocation: It provides precise control over distributing returned tickets.
  • Improved Audience Engagement: The tool opens up new possibilities for engaging your audience.

Why is the digital waiting list essential for your ticket shop?

With the dynamic waiting list, you can easily capture potential sales and prioritize audience engagement. By inviting potential attendees to join the waiting list for sold-out events, you not only capture their details but can also offer them available tickets with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can use other marketing campaigns to stay memorable to your contacts and strengthen their connection to your event brand.

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Implementing a digital waiting list offers numerous benefits:

More Sales: Provide potential attendees with a quick and user-friendly waitlist option, allowing you to easily notify them when tickets become available.

Priority Selection: Maintain control over ticket allocation to the waiting list, ensuring a fair and thoughtful approach to managing event capacity.

Seamless Integration: The dynamic waiting list integrates seamlessly with your ticket sales through egocentric Systems, offering an easy way to manage returned tickets.

How the digital waiting list for events works

Activating the dynamic waiting list in your ticketing system prompts potential attendees to register in a form in the ticket shop as soon as an event sells out. Contact details are captured, enabling you to send targeted messages to offer tickets when they become available or include them in your marketing campaigns. The process is customizable to fit the exact needs of your event.

You will be notified when your tickets sell out and when ticket quotas become available. With just a few clicks, you can choose to contact all people on the list or a specific segment.

Utilise more sales opportunities

To summarize, the dynamic waiting list for sold-out events allows you to acquire potential buyers as contacts and efficiently use the database. Automated messages enable you to contact the target group via email or text message with just a few clicks. This tool helps you optimize event capacity and increases sales opportunities for tickets that become available in your online shop.

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