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As a promoter of recurring events, whether it’s theater, sports or concerts, you’re constantly looking for ways to maximize your ticket sales. One often overlooked issue that can impact your sales success is what’s known as “shopping cart abandonment“. Statistics from the e-commerce industry indicate that $18 billion in sales are lost annually due to abandoned shopping carts (Source: Fox, Meir: dynamic yield). Fortunately, there are options via reminders, discounts, and more. Convert your tickets from shopping cart stools into valuable visitors. You can find the right feature for your online sales in your ticketing software from egocentric Systems. Learn in this article how to avoid shopping cart abandonment, plus: 3 templates for the right email reminder.

Cart crush instead of cart crash

Discover the reactivate shopping cart feature. The guide to set up and activate.

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What is the “shopping cart recovery”?

Abandoned cart recovery can be your secret weapon to ensure a successful ticket sales process. This clever feature allows you to communicate with potential visitors who are interested in your events and add items to their cart within egocentric Systems, but do not complete the purchase process.

The reasons for not completing a shopping cart online are many. Among the most common are high shipping fees, unsuitable payment methods, the product was cheaper elsewhere or the purchase motivation is missing (Source: statista.de). For each motive, you can use the appropriate communication to place the small decisive incentive to buy.

How does it work?

Once abandoned cart recovery is enabled in the ticket system, your potential buyers will be prompted to enter their contact information after selecting a ticket quantity. This means that you can capture the user’s name, email address, and phone number before the purchase is completed. This data is then added to an automated email list to remind the user to complete their transaction. The highlight here is that you can customize the title and description of the form. You also have the option to add your own email template to create a truly streamlined experience.

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Increase the satisfaction of your buyers

Another benefit of recovering abandoned purchases is the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your shoppers. By sending them personalized messages reminding them to come back and complete their purchases, you show that you care about their satisfaction. Easy access to items in the cart and a straightforward checkout process increase user convenience and satisfaction. Even if a customer’s cart is expired or empty, strategic emails and text messages direct them back to your event page and encourage further exploration and purchases.

3 Shopping Cart Recovery Email Templates

1. reminder of the canceled purchase

Provides service to overcome hurdle

2. Personal offer

Coupon code to activate price sensitive buyers

3. Last chance

Creates urgency to return to the store

Avoid shopping cart abandonment with personalized service

Not only a smart feature is invisible for successful shopping cart closings, but also the personal service. Messages that address your users individually achieve higher engagement and form a powerful building block in your sales process. It helps not only to win back lost sales, but also to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

How this feature helps you for your customer retention?

egocentric Systems offers solutions for the successful sales process of your tickets.

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