Rescue plan for organizers in second lockdown.

Rescue plan for organizers in second lockdown.

Rescue plan for organizers in second lockdown. 2560 1922 egocentric Systems GmbH

Ticketing measures to get you through the second lockdown.

The second wave of the COVID-19 virus has also hit Germany and the number of infected people has increased exponentially, especially in the month of October. The German government reacted to this with a second lockdown on October 28, 2020, which includes a renewed ban on all events. To make sure that you as an organizer are prepared, we present you here seven ticketing measures for the second lockdown.

This decision of the federal government brutally affects most organizers, no matter if they are theaters, museums, amusement parks or sports clubs. Concepts, emergency solutions and hygiene measures that have been painstakingly built up over the past few months to finally allow events with an audience to take place in these times are suddenly worthless again.

Even if it will be of little consolation to most of our customers, we still want to take up our motto from the spring: the show must go on. In our blog In our blog post “Surviving the Corona Crisis” from April 6, 2020, we described a number of possibilities to generate sales even during the lockdown.


Despite everything, we let our thoughts wander and we want to give to all organizers, who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, even more tips and support. As said, we know how difficult this pandemic is for all of us.

As your provider of modern ticketing solutions, we firmly believe that there are ways to, at least, somewhat, mitigate the impact that this pandemic has on our entire industry. Here are seven ticketing measures to get you through the second lockdown.

7 ticketing measures for the second lockdown.

Driving forward donations.

In a time of crisis, when sales are declining, one of the most important factors is to ask your fans for support. The helpfulness of everyone is gigantic. We have felt this in almost every action that was done with our software. No matter if it was in our own soliticket promotion or in the many fundraising campaigns that were done with the help of our donation tool.

Now is another time to start a fundraising campaign. Maybe with new ideas, with special incentives for your supporters, sapecial memberships or a transparent crowd-funding campaign.

Include a donation plugin directly on your homepage so people can see your campaign.
Create a specific campaign for the COVID 19 crisis with a message that outlines the history and needs of your organization during this time.
Share this fundraising campaign with your benefactors through social media and email to raise awareness.
Organize free events or live streams and let your fans decide how much they want to pay with our ``pay what you want`` feature.

Offer gift cards.

At a time like this, when events have been postponed or cancelled, promoting or offering gift cards is a great option compared to ticket refunds. Offer your Gift Cards to patrons or other people on your email list to boost your sales during this time. Check out these benefits.

A digital gift card is as good as cash.
Gift cards never expire.
Send a gift certificate to a friend.
Sell gift cards at a discounted price, but with a higher value.

Sell Flex Passes.

Flex Pass subscriptions include a fixed number of tickets set up by the organizer. It can be configured to include or exclude specific event types, dates, and tickets. You have the option to restrict by price range or category.

If you are coming from a theater, playhouse, improv theater, or other event format and your season has been postponed due to the pandemic, Flex Passes may be an advantage.

Any credit on a Flex Pass can be carried over to a new season.
Sales at a discounted price can also help to boost sales during that time.

Better refund options.

Don’t lose money on tickets already sold when a visitor requests a refund. We offer you the following options and more with our ticketing software.

Refund to a gift card that can be used for tickets to various events, merchandise and more.
Get a refund on a donation and in return receive a receipt for tax benefits.
Refund to an account balance that can be used at the box office or ticket store for future transactions.
Rebooking to another event.
Exchange to a livestream ticket.

Live broadcast of your events.

Livestreaming is a great option to pick up fans in their living room and allows you to have more people at your event. egocentric Systems can help you sell more tickets with livestreams.

When we conceived and developed numerous options in March at the beginning of the pandemic, we never expected such a great response. Since then, many event organizers have turned their attention to the livestream option and are successfully selling tickets. You do not know the possibilities yet? Find out more about all functions HERE.

Livestreams ensure you a wide audience that virtually visits your events.
Livestreams can be easily added directly to your website via the plugin.
Integrated chat and donation functionality offers further possibilities to improve the customer experience.
The creation of a media library with paid access generates additional revenue for your cash register. And you can offer both permanent and limited access.

Easily move of the event dates.

To move an event, egocentric Systems offers the possibility to easily transfer all your event information to another one. Simply change the data of your existing event and the system will automatically update the event news and other date related elements. Also, tickets automatically change the date and validity of event tickets.

Any credit on a Flex Pass can be carried over to a new season.
Sales at a discounted price can also help boost sales during that time.

Sell goods.

With our software you have the possibility to sell items in connection with donations and tickets. For example, you can sell programs, t-shirts, mugs or other goods on your website or within a purchase process.

Sell tickets and accessories directly in a shopping cart.
Easy online selling of your goods - together or independently of your tickets.

Take off with us now!

For more information about event ticketing software and prices, just contact us and get to know us and our software better.

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