KulturPass of the Federal Government for more young audiences in culture

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Capturing a young audience and getting them excited about a classical offering has become an omnipresent challenge for cultural institutions. This is because older visitors (60+ years) use classical cultural offerings more frequently than the visitor group of 18-39 year olds (40% to 31% | Cf. Mandel, 2020). In addition, there are a large number of non-visitors who have so far stayed away from the theater, opera, classical concerts or art exhibitions (59%). These observations gave rise to the federal government’s “KulturPass” initiative. This is intended to bring together culture providers and 18-year-olds in order to get more young audiences interested in culture again. Find out what the KulturPass is and what you need to participate in our blog post.

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Junge Gruppe an Frauen steht im Halbkreis, lachen und haben Spaß


Private or public cultural institutions


Registration from 22.05.23 via the portal


Expected from mid-June 2023

What is the KulturPass?

The initiative is aimed at young adults who will celebrate their 18th birthday in 2023. They receive their KulturPass via the app with a budget of €200 that they can use for cultural offerings (tickets, books, recordings, etc.). The goal is to simplify the access to cultural offers and to increase the demand at the institutions.

The focus is on local and present cultural formats, but supplementary virtual offers can also be placed within the framework of the KulturPass. The app promises visibility for art and culture among the 18-year-old target group, and also offers to reimburse the costs of offers accessed afterwards.

Still missing the right online store for the KulturPass?

With the online store of egocentric Systems you can offer tickets and cultural products online and make them easily accessible.

How does the KulturPass work for providers?

The app works like a virtual marketplace, through which events and cultural products can be offered. Young people can then buy from this marketplace within the limits of their budget. Those who are unsure can first request a test access and try out the marketplace.

Otherwise a participation for offerers takes place over the registration in the portal. The prerequisite is an existing ELSTER certificate with suitable access data. If a certificate is not yet available, this can be obtained via the ELSTER online tax office.

A store is required for the provision of the offer. This can be created manually, with a CSV file or via an API for data transfer. The products are then published for reservation and culture providers are informed in the system as soon as new reservations are available. The reservation is then released for pickup, and by showing it on site, 18-year-olds receive their product. The purchase process also takes place via the KulturPass app. The purchase amount is credited to the cultural institution’s stored account as soon as the status of a reservation is updated to “picked up”.

Learning offers for the KulturPass

Your interest is aroused, but you still have questions? Numerous help offers are provided around the KulturPass. There is onboarding material to download, an online HelpCenter and you can use various online events. You can find all the relevant information in compact form on the official KulturPass page for providers.

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