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4 advantages selling tickets directly from your own website – White Label Ticketing.

4 advantages selling tickets directly from your own website – White Label Ticketing. 1920 1080 egocentric Systems GmbH

Curious how you as an organizer can sell tickets directly from your website? By selling tickets directly on your website you can not only reach a wider audience, but also make the most of your own sales channel and save money.
Here are four benefits of selling tickets through your own website. Read you can increase your profits with a white label ticketing solution.

Practical for the buyer

Studies show that the fewer clicks required to buy an item, the more purchases are made. If potential customers are on your website, it is therefore all the more convenient for them to buy tickets if they are not forwarded first.
This is especially important when customers are browsing your website, as they are likely to find out about your upcoming events, choose tour dates, view the program, or otherwise find event information, and so that you are already thinking about buying tickets and are interested in your events.
With the various online sales functions of egocentric Systems, such as B. “Subscribers & Memberships” that offer a series of benefits for your regular customers will greatly simplify the buying experience of your customers and thus inevitably increase ticket sales.

Minimal cash costs and cost reduction

By switching to online ticketing and using your own white label ticketing shops, you can not only increase your ticket sales, but also significantly reduce costs. You can not only save very expensive pre-sale and service fees, but also significantly reduce your personnel costs at the box office. In addition, when your customers purchase via the online shop, they can enjoy functionalities such as “share payment” and the simple “ticket exchange”. At the same time, your customer sees all historical purchases in his profile and can simply retrieve his tickets before the event. If you don’t want to enter data, you can easily and conveniently shop as a guest.

White Label Ticketing – Never be redirected to another website

If you as the organizer sell tickets through a ticket service provider, the customer is usually redirected to his website. Tickets are purchased in the ticket provider’s shop. However, opening a new website can cause unnecessary confusion for your customers and cause them to cancel their purchases. For this reason, we offer white label ticketing software. Our plug-in is easily integrated and the ticket shop looks like part of your website. The customer has no media breaks and the cancellation rate drops significantly. Your customer also has a much more enjoyable shopping experience and the customer data stays with you and not with a third-party ticket seller.

Customizable Shop Plug-In

In addition to redirecting to another website, it can also confuse customers if an integrated shop is formatted differently or does not fit into the overall picture of the website. This may discourage customers from buying tickets or lead to cancellation.
With the customizable plug-in of the eventmanager from egocentric Systems, you can easily adapt your shop plug-in to the rest of your website and create a seamless transition between the website and the shop plug-in. It works for your customers as if you use a completely own ticket shop and your guests will never know that you actually use the ticket system from egocentric Systems.

egocentric Systems helps you to take advantage of the four mentioned, but also much more advantages if you sell tickets directly form your website. Not only do you save money at the box office and get a comprehensive white label ticketing system, but you’ll probably also attract new customers, boost ticket sales and be a bit more independent.

With unique functions such as time slots for guided tours, where you can set variable admission times, and the choice of whether you set up a hall plan or allow the customer free space, as well as the comprehensive CRM functionalities, you can as an organizer faster and easier to sell tickets than ever before.

How the event manager of egocentric Systems can make life easier for organizers.

How the event manager of egocentric Systems can make life easier for organizers. 1920 1080 egocentric Systems GmbH

The event manager of egocentric Systems is one of the most advanced ticket management platforms in the industry. The software from egocentric Systems not only already has a variety of important functions for an organizer, egocentric Systems is constantly developing new features together with its partners, which will help you as an organizer to meet the growing to meet the requirements of the industry.

Our Dresden-based team has more than 23 years of experience in ticketing business, not just on the software developer’s website. The years of experience are also based on many exciting years on the part of the organizer. We use this knowledge to focus on your ego and to develop software that fits exactly to your needs.

Below are just some of the improvements egocentric Systems has made to its system in recent weeks and months. For a more detailed explanation or demonstration, please contact your egocentric Systems representative at: info@egocentric-systems.de

Server Upgrade: To meet the growing demands and provide the best possible performance for your ticket buyers, an upgrade to a server with larger bandwidth capacity has recently taken place. This has led to a noticeable increase in the speed of our event manager.
Custom templates: Thermal, laser, and e-tickets can now be customized using HTML formatting. This allows all organizers to overwrite the default template, change the font size, and customize the layout. A preview function shows what the layout will look like before the tickets are printed. This function can be found under “Setup” by clicking on “Events” and then on “Settings”.

Mini-Calendar: Our ticket platform now has a calendar widget that can be viewed on the organizer’s websites. This mini-calendar can be embedded in any page. When you click on a date with an event, the customer is redirected to a ticket page that displays only the events of that particular day. You can find this function under “Setup” by clicking on “White Label” and then on “Widgets”.

Printable seat plans: Last but not least, our developers have completed a frequently requested feature that allows customers to print out their seating plans. The experience gained from the first weeks of use clearly shows how much this feature supports the design and furnishing of hall plans. We are very happy if we can help you with this.

5 types of subscriptions you should use for your event series.

5 types of subscriptions you should use for your event series. 1620 1080 egocentric Systems GmbH

Over the years, the popularity of subscription services has also increased sharply in the event sector. If years ago it was only the season tickets of my favourite club, this type of ticket has changed due to the convenience of ticket buyers, the cheaper price structures, preferential ticket availability especially at often sold-out venues and immediate accessibility at other events.
Subscriptions have changed the traditional ticket purchase to benefit both the promoter and the customer. From this, organizers can derive potential profit gains and an increase in customer loyalty based on the regular and predictable revenues or contributions in the company.
Customers have available at discounted prices, tickets guaranteed.

There are currently five types of subscriptions in the egocentric Systems event manager. However, our international product management and development team, in cooperation with our customers, is constantly developing new forms that will help you achieve higher ticket revenues.
Depending on the industry, each subscription depends on the different requirements.
In the following you will learn more about the possibilities of mapping a subscription to the egocentric Systems Event Manager and how it can benefit you.

Standard subscriptions

The default subscription is the simplest form of subscription and is explicitly valid for a certain period of time, e.g. referred to as the season. Ticket managers can set up a standard subscription by event series or date, depending on their needs. You can discount these tickets if required or as a free ticket, e.g. label for sponsors. If the guest wants to continue the subscription, an auto-renewal is available to extend the benefits for as long as the ticket manager wants.
Standard subscriptions are mainly used in the sports & museums.

Subscription for regular guests

This type of subscription is designed so that ticket buyers have a fixed seat throughout the season. Unlike the standard subscription, customers choose their seats online after purchasing the subscription for this series of events and do not have to go to the box office to choose their seats. With the exception of VIP seats, your guests can flexibly decide where they want to sit with this subscription and have booked their fixed seat for each event in the event series.
Your guest will receive his tickets after choosing his seat, or you can simply print them out online.

Subscription for regular guests is mainly used in the areas of culture & sport.

Theatre subscriptions

Theatre subscriptions, as the name suggests, are tailored to theatres, provided they use allocated seats for their events. Ticket buyers can purchase this subscription in advance, like the aforementioned regular guest subscription, to secure their seats for an entire game series. The only difference is that the promoter allocates seats based on a list of preferences and loyalty within the organization, based on a list of preferences stated by the customers, and the seat is not chosen by the customer himself.

Theatre subscriptions are mainly used in the cultural sector by theatres, theatres, but also in opera houses and cabaret.

Choose a show subscription

By selecting a show subscription, your customers can choose which shows they want to participate in from a series of events. However, the organiser has the option of deciding which shows the guest has to choose from and how many customers he wants to offer. Show organisers also have the opportunity to offer a discount, e.g. depends on the popularity of the show or the number of events a customer buys. This is an easy way to apply dynamic pricing to its ticket sales.
Show subscriptions are used at a variety of events. For example, they are used by theatres, gala shows, performing arts, comedy clubs and museums, but are also used in the cultural sector.

Flex Pass Subscriptions

Flex Pass subscriptions allow ticket buyers to select multiple shows simultaneously or within a valid period. Organizers have the possibility to determine which demonstrations they want to offer their customers. Although customers have the freedom to choose their own event, organizers can restrict the choice of certain options, e.g. E.g. by event, ticket category, date, ticket types and much more. This form of ticket subscription is a great way to reward customers who come to your events more than once or twice. You could promote the whole thing, in which you e.g. Offer “Save 20% on tickets if you come to at least 3 events this year.”
The ticket buyer then flexibly selects the show and the date and can print the ticket at home or enter as a mobile ticket with his mobile phone.

Flex subscriptions are also used at a variety of events and are used by theatres, gala shows, performing arts, comedy clubs and museums, but also in the cultural sector.

As i said, subscriptions are very popular due to ease of use, cheaper pricing structures and easier ticket availability. As specialists in the ticketing industry, we would like to help you choose the best subscription package for your event. We have a variety of options for your subscription and are convinced to offer the right one for both your organization and your customers. It is independent of which industry you are working in, we recommend you to use the many possibilities of egocentric Systems to increase the marketing of your event, your profit and last but not least the customer loyalty!

5 ticketing functions for a successful museum.

5 ticketing functions for a successful museum. 1920 600 egocentric Systems GmbH

Each museum creates a unique experience, has different requirements and, above all, very specific framework conditions. Ticketing, one of the many framework conditions, is an essential part of most museums. Within ticketing, museums use various features to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that visitors have a great experience. Do you want to know what features could help your museum? Through our cooperation with museums, we as specialists in the ticketing industry have the opportunity to coordinate precisely and understand what is important for this industry. In our experience, here are the five most sought-after features that we believe will help your museum succeed.

Automatic programming

If you have the same program every day, week, or month, it can be tedious to create the program manually over and over again. With an automatic scheduler, you can choose to create your exhibitions and events at a specific time and day. This makes it easier to create permanent exhibitions and other events so you can focus on other tasks.

Museum memberships

Memberships give your customers the opportunity to choose how much they feel connected to the museum. You can sell your customers a membership of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Your visitors can then choose how many and which events they want to attend

You can add a membership to egocentric Systems by selecting it from the subscription type. Name the membership and add an assigned number of tickets. Select the duration and whether to apply the tickets per event or event date. If you want to discount your membership, you can also add this option.

Time-Slot Ticketing

Timed ticketing allows organizers to add tickets to specific categories assigned to specific time windows. This helps to regulate the flow of visitors, reduce long queues and overcrowding. In this way, you can not only improve the visitor experience, but also through timed ticketing you can control your visitor flows more efficiently. For example, if you have an exhibition with a limited number of participants in your museum, the exhibition will be unlocked by a limited ticket with the purchase of a main ticket.

Simply create a price list that meets the requirements of your home. These lists can be customized by price, range, and ticket type. Create multiple price lists and map them to the exhibitions for which you want to use timed ticketing.

The TimeD Ticketing Time Window Tool lets you view, track, and edit ticket availability in real time. When a time window is sold out, customers are notified during the selection process. This is used to prevent oversupply of your events.

Last but not least, our check-in manager allows you to see who is attending the event at a given time and check in by simply tapping a button on each person’s name.

Ticket add-ons

Offer a ticket add-on to customers who buy tickets to your museum to make the event even more attractive! Depending on the type of event, you have the opportunity to sell what you want by purchasing the main ticket. For example, would you like to sell an audio guide for a special exhibition? There are endless possibilities for you to sell in addition to your tickets!

To take advantage of this functionality, select an exhibition in egocentric Systems that you have created. Edit the issue by checking the box for the ticket add-on and naming the add-on that you want to sell during checkout. This feature increases your revenue and expands the range of products for a great visitor experience.


Donors are an important group for museums, as they contribute to the overall success and financial security of museums. It is important that you maintain your relationships through automated contact and donation management. Automated communication helps to maintain the relationship between you and your donors intensively. In this way, you can also show your donors how much you appreciate their help. With fundraising campaigns, you can encourage your ticket buyers to donate for a specific purpose or area within your organization. For higher conversions, you can use egocentric Systems to attach a campaign to your events and donate and buy a ticket at the same time.


Advertising can be an eye-catcher, especially if it is placed on your customer’s tickets. By advertising on your tickets, you have the opportunity to present your upcoming events, support local projects and highlight other information to inform the participants of your exhibitions. You can also sell sponsor packages to your event partners and view their ads on your tickets to thank them for their commitment.

Finding answers to the daily challenges of ticketing is facilitated by the integrated museum ticketing features of egocentric Systems. Each organization works differently, but can benefit from a number of features that help any museum succeed. Many of our museum customers use these features to reduce administrative overhead, increase revenue, and create a unique visitor experience. For us, it is important to provide our customers with a museum card software that allows them to use various unique functions that they can customize and tailor to their needs. With egocentric Systems, we have simplified the management of your tickets, donors, events and memberships for museums.

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